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Dr. Sean Monkman, VP Technology at CarbonCure Technologies, is honoured to present alongside the world’s brightest minds in cement chemistry at the 14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, which will be held October 13-16 in Beijing. Dr. Monkman has been selected to present the firm’s research in both a talk entitled, Early Hydration of Cement Under Influence of Carbon Dioxide and a poster Use Of Carbon Dioxide As A Beneficial Additive In Concrete. Dr. Michael Thomas and Dr. Doug Hooton, members of CarbonCure’s scientific advisory panel, will also be attending and giving keynote speeches. 
Dr. Monkman will present the ground-breaking research jointly conducted by the team at CarbonCure Technologies and Dr. Greg Dipple at the University of British Columbia. The presentation describes the mechanism of CO2 utilization to improve the properties of ready mixed concrete. The research was grounded in using basic principles and simple systems to explain why CO2 addition to fresh concrete results in the strength benefits observed in field trials. The industrial trial results will be shared in the poster session.
There are only a handful of experts on CO2 utilization in cement across the globe and Dr. Monkman is excited to exchange ideas with his colleagues at the International Congress. This event is held every four years and typically attracts 1,000 of the world’s top cement chemistry scientists. Dr. Monkman, who previously presented carbon dioxide utilization work at the 12th International Congress in Montreal in 2007, harkened the event to the “Olympics of cement chemistry”.  
According to Dr. Monkman, what sets the firm’s research apart is that it is a truly novel technique that lies on the edge of the scientific community’s understanding of cement hydration chemistry. Perhaps more importantly, the research addresses an increasingly pressing global challenge of finding beneficial usages for CO2, the world’s most abundant greenhouse gas. “With our research in CO2 utilization, we’re setting the groundwork for the cement and concrete industry to consider new ways to be sustainable,” says Dr. Monkman. 

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