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CarbonCure recently attended the 2015 Halifax Business Awards hosted by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, where they were honored to receive the Silver Award for Innovative Business of the Year. During a great night of entertainment and celebration, CarbonCure was delighted to share in the accomplishments of other local businesses that are thriving and successful.

“We are extremely impressed by the innovations of our fellow nominees and are delighted to be recognized within such an esteemed group,” said Rob Niven, CarbonCure’s Founder and CEO.

CarbonCure was recognized for its success in integrating its technology with concrete production practices, helping to bring environmental sustainability to an industry that is looking for a green boost. Since bringing its carbon sequestration technology to market, CarbonCure has been working with industry partners across North America to create a positive change in the concrete industry. CarbonCure has commissioned its technology in 12 concrete plants across Canada and the US.

CarbonCure is grateful for the recognition of their accomplishments in receiving this award from the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. This type of acknowledgement motivates the team to charge ahead and meet the company’s collective goals. With the support of the local business community, CarbonCure is excited about the momentum behind them and the new opportunities for growth in 2015! 

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