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CarbonCure's Vice President of Technology Development Sean Monkman presented his paper co-authored with CarbonCure's Research Director Mark MacDonald and Professor R.D. Hooton, University of Toronto, titled "Using Carbon Dioxide as a Beneficial Admixture in Ready-Mixed Concrete" this week at the International Concrete Sustainability Conference hosted by the NRMCA in Miami. This is CarbonCure's second consecutive year presenting at the conference and is viewed by the company as a great opportunity to share their work with industry peers. 

The International Concrete Sustainability Conference's intention is to provide an opportunity for industry members and associates to learn and network, while exploring opportunities for industry growth, as well as tools and solutions for sustainable concrete manufacturing, design and construction. Topics at this year's conference were broken down into 5 streams: resilience, life cycle assessment, low impact development, material science and corporate responsibility. Monkman's presentation was part of the material science stream and covered the results from two industrial trials conducted by CarbonCure that examined the use of CO2 in ready mixed concrete production. The industrial trial results suggest that the use of waste carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process offers a means to upcycle CO2 as a beneficial additive to concrete that could be widely employed throughout the built environment.


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