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Sean Monkman is presenting this coming Monday at the Fifth International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction (NICOM5), sponsored by the Concrete Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Society. The symposium is held every three years and has been a focal point for the presentation of the latest research in nanotechnology for construction materials. NICOM5 will bring together more than 150 international leaders in the field to discuss the emerging opportunities and future of the use of nanotechnology in construction.

The conference includes lectures, technical papers and a poster session. This year there are a total of 97 papers accepted as part of the conference. The symposium is being held outside of Europe for the first time. The conference runs from Sunday May 24th through to Tuesday May 26th at the Trump Hotel in Chicago. Sean Monkman will be presenting his paper titled, "The Effect of In-Situ Development of Nano-Calcium Carbonate on Industrial Concrete". Sean's presence at the conference allows CarbonCure to exchange and engage with researchers in a burgeoning field of investigation . 



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