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Today, CarbonCure announced a change that will accelerate the company’s commercial rollout of their green concrete technology across North America. William (Bill) Holden, an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the concrete and cement industry, has joined CarbonCure’s team as Vice President of Sales. Mr. Holden will lead CarbonCure’s sales activities, as the company continues to experience rapid growth in Canada and the US.

The CarbonCure Technology uses recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to improve the compressive strength of concrete. The CO2 is collected from the smokestacks of nearby polluters and is injected into the concrete mix, where it becomes chemically converted into a solid mineral.

The mineralization process makes the concrete stronger, which enables concrete producers to optimize their mixes. With this technology, the concrete required for a typical small high-rise development could prevent as much as 400,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

“The fact that the technology not only makes greener concrete, but also increases concrete’s strength, makes the technology truly a win-win for both business and the environment”.  

- Bill Holden, VP Sale, CarbonCure Technologies

Bill boasts over thirty years of sales and executive management experience in aggregates, ready mixed, masonry, and landscape products. He served as the President of Block USA, one of the leading concrete masonry producers in the US, and as President of Couch USA, a major producer of ready mixed, block and building materials serving the southeastern US.

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Bill’s vision for the concrete industry is well aligned with CarbonCure’s. “I’ve been in the cement and concrete industry a long time, and the industry is seeing an immense demand for solutions that reduce concrete’s carbon footprint”, says the former Vice President and Director of Business Development at Roebuck Consulting Group. “The fact that the technology not only makes greener concrete, but also increases concrete’s strength, makes the technology truly a win-win for both business and the environment”.

This announcement comes on the heels of a series of new contracts with some of the industry’s largest players, including Argos, Bay Ready Mix, BURNCO, Concrete Supply Co, and Vulcan. CarbonCure now has licensed contracts with nearly 30 masonry and ready mixed concrete producers, and continues to see growing demand for its green concrete solution.

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About CarbonCure Technologies Inc.
CarbonCure is concrete’s gateway to the green building community. Its technology chemically repurposes waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process. The company also provides a suite of sales support tools such as customized sales training programs, architectural ride along meetings, and LEED documentation. Through collaboration with leading designers, the company and its partners are supplying a scalable solution to address the growing demand for green building materials. CarbonCure concrete is available through concrete manufacturers across North America. Learn more at

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