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Ontario building community has two new transparency tools for concrete

Permacon and CarbonCure Technologies are leading the charge on product transparency in the Canadian concrete industry. Permacon has published its first Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for all configurations of its normal weight and light weight products made with CarbonCure’s CO2 sequestration technology.

In the last year, decision-making tools in the building community have evolved drastically. A greater emphasis is being put on creating healthy living environments for building occupants. A new level of product scrutiny has developed now that product transparency documents are available from some manufacturers. These HPDs are the new recognized standards used to make informed product choices. High-profile supporters of HPDs include design firms such as CannonDesign and Perkins + Will.

The publication of Permacon’s HPDs coincides with the start of construction for Permacon’s first major project with CarbonCure, the York University Lassonde School of Engineering project. Permacon will be supplying the project with 117,000 concrete blocks that were created using CarbonCure’s technology. The use of CarbonCure CMU in the project will result in the sequestration of over 1 tonne of CO2, the equivalent amount of CO2 sequestered by 25 tree seedlings grown for ten years. Permacon commits to providing HPDs for any of its products made with CarbonCure’s technology. This support for transparency will help contribute to the concrete industries’ efforts to embrace sustainable innovation and responsible best practices.

Permacon’s published HPDs can be found here.

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