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ASTM publishes a new PCR for concrete masonry products

The concrete industry has increased their commitment to the product transparency movement by working to create new product category rules (PCR) for manufactured concrete and concrete masonry products. ASTM is the program operator for the concrete masonry PCR. ASTM been working with an NCMA EPD Task Force, which includes producers from across the masonry industry, including several of CarbonCure’s partners including  Anchor an Oldcastle Company, Brampton Brick, and A. Jandris & Sons.

Before the ASTM PCR was issued, the masonry industry relied on a PCR developed by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CFL) or other PCRs from Europe. The new ASTM masonry PCR takes into account the different manufacturing processes and associated energy demands that are associated with concrete masonry products, which are not captured in the Carbon Leadership Forum’s PCR for ready mix products.


The NCMA has been leading the charge in the product transparency movement from its early days into the building industry. The new PCR allows for the rules for Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to be more tailored to concrete masonry products, which will provide specifiers with more detailed information when comparing products. This comparability is particularly useful when looking at completing the calculations for the Materials & Resources credits under the new LEEDv4 rating system.

Moving forward, EPDs published using the new PCR will increase a project team’s ability to assess the embodied environmental impact of their buildings, and the materials they select.

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