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Properties and durability of concrete produced using CO2 as an accelerating admixture

Written By: 
Sean Monkman a,  Mark MacDonald a, R. Doug Hooton b, Paul Sandberg c

a CarbonCure Technologies, 60 Trider Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1R6, Canada
b Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, M5S 1A4, Canada
c Calmetrix, PO Box 70, Arlington, MA 02476-0001, USA

Carbon dioxide was investigated for use as a beneficial admixture to concrete as it was truck mixed. The reaction between the CO2 and the hydrating cement creates finely distributed calcium carbonate reaction products that thereby influence the subsequent hydration. Comparisons of the fresh, hardened and durability properties were made between a reference concrete batch, a batch that contained a conventional accelerating admixture, and three batches subjected to a carbon dioxide addition. The optimum dose of carbon dioxide was found to reduce the time to initial set by 40% and increase the one and three day compressive strengths by 14% and 10% respectively. In comparison to the CObatch, the conventional accelerator provided greater reductions in set time but lower early strength. Concrete durability test results indicated that the carbon dioxide process did not compromise the expected durability performance of the treated concrete. Carbon dioxide is a viable admixture to improve concrete performance.

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