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Masonry Technology Trial Summary

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Sean Monkman, PhD PEng, Vice President of Technology Development,
CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies produced carbonated precast concrete blocks during a pilot demonstration at Producer 4 in August and September 2013. The pilot program produced carbonated concrete by adding carbon dioxide gas to the mixing and forming stages of the block production. The gas was dosed at 1.5% by weight of cement and absorbed into the concrete with an average efficiency of about 80% of the gas delivered. Four mix designs were examined in the form of 8” blocks. CarbonCure developed an admixture that was subject to optimization trials. It was shown to work well with the carbonation process to unlock strength benefits at 7, 28 and 56 days. Blocks without the admixture were found to have equivalent strength to the control blocks.

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