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HALIFAX - Canadian clean-tech company CarbonCure Technologies Inc. has signed a deal with Ohio-based Snyder Brick & Block to begin producing low carbon concrete products for the Ohio building market. Snyder has been providing concrete and masonry products to customers in southern Ohio since 1949, and the company has since grown to include four manufacturing facilities and eight showrooms.

CarbonCure will install its retrofit CO2 sequestration technology at Snyder’s Columbus and Monroe concrete plants, allowing Snyder to produce concrete products that make use of post-industrial carbon dioxide gas (CO2). When added during the concrete-making process, the waste CO2 is converted back into a mineral—making a stronger, more environmentally friendly product.

According to Clean Edge Inc.’s 2014 Clean Tech Leadership Index, Cincinnati ranked 14th out of 50 US cities for green building development. The index tracks LEED design projects, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s registry of energy efficient buildings. With Columbus ranked 25th, the report positions southern Ohio as a burgeoning green building market.

“We’re excited to start using this innovative technology,” said Mark Snyder, Vice President of Snyder Concrete. “We’ve made the decision to promote and manufacture low-carbon products so that we can appeal to sustainable construction projects such as LEED, while contributing to a positive long term impact on future generations.” Snyder’s newest manufacturing facility also features a rainwater collection system, which allows them to reintroduce rainwater into their concrete mix design.

CarbonCure masonry products will soon be seen at any of Snyder’s eight showrooms across southern Ohio, giving architects and builders a chance to learn more about the technology. CarbonCure will also be presenting with Snyder at the upcoming 5th Annual Division 8 Update for the Architectural Industry, being held on September 17th at the Four Seasons Marina in Cincinnati.

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