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In the business of concrete, quality is a measure that should never be sacrificed. Oneonta Block has been making quality concrete products in upstate New York since 1982. A new partnership with CarbonCure Technologies is helping the company raise the environmental quality of its products, making it easier for builders and developers in NY to reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings.
“We’ve been seeing a need to do more for our environment,” said Bob Harlem, President of Oneonta Block. “As a concrete producer, we’ve never tried to be the biggest—instead, we seek to be the best. This commitment goes beyond the service that we offer to our customers, and extends to the impacts that we make in our community and on our environment.”    
The need for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the US building sector is becoming even more apparent. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions Inventory shows that industrial operations make a large contribution to emissions, meaning that industry needs to find creative solutions for curbing this problem. With CarbonCure’s CO2sequestration technology, Oneonta joins Anchor (an Oldcastle company) to become the second manufacturer in New York who is working to reduce industrial emissions that are associated with concrete.
Oneonta Block is a company that understands the need to adapt to move forward. They also believe that collaboration is a key to success—they are active in several industry associations, including the National Concrete Masonry AssociationThe New York State Concrete Masonry Association, and the Associated Builders and Contractors Association.  

Along with providing concrete products for the residential sector, Oneonta Block services many public institutions, municipal projects (water treatment facilities and waste water treatment plants), and commercial buildings. Some of Oneonta Block’s diverse clients have included Ithaca College, Cornell University, Hartwick College, SUNY, Lowes, Target, and Walmart. With access to these large markets, Oneonta Block can position itself as an industry leader in carbon reduction practices.    
“We’re a company with strong values, and we value the environment,” said Harlem. “It’s time to make a statement about what quality means when we build with concrete.”

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