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CarbonCure's VP of Technology Development published the findings of the company's current research in a paper titled, “Integrating Carbon Capture Into Precast Concrete Production” in the most recent addition of the Carbon Capture Journal.

Carbon Capture Journal publishes content related to the developments of carbon capture and geological storage technology that are implemented at an industrial scale. A special emphasis is placed on content regarding major projects and development with government policy. The Carbon Capture Journal is led by the same team that is behind the Digital Energy Journal, the magazine that oil and gas industry members look to for news regarding information and technology in the industry.

Monkman's paper covers the background behind why the cement and concrete industry are concerned about their CO2 emissions, and then moves forward to discuss CarbonCure's role in mitigating this concern. Details are explained regarding how CarbonCure's technology has been developed through a series of trials at Shaw Brick (Nova Scotia), Basalite Concrete Products (California), Atlas Block (Ontario) and Northfield (Illinois) over the last two years. CarbonCure is appreciate of the opportunity to share our story and progress with an engaged audience of over six thousand subscribers through Carbon Capture Journal.

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"Integrating Carbon Capture Into Precast Concrete Production"


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