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This April both Sean Monkman and Robert Niven will be attending the Fourth International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering (ACEME) in Leuven, Belgium. CarbonCure is excited to be attending the three day conference with 113 other attendees from twenty-three different countries, with attendees traveling from Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South-Africa, South-Korea, Taiwan and the US, making it the most international edition of the conference to date.

The conference's intent is to bring industry experts together to share their research and development efforts related to accelerated carbonation on an international level. Specific areas of research to be shared include the processes dealing with advanced analysis of mineral carbonation, as well as principles and kinetics of accelerated carbonation. CarbonCure's VP of Technology Development Sean Monkman and CEO Robert Niven will be delivering a presentation on their research findings titled, “Beneficial Carbon Dioxide Utilization in Precast Concrete Production.” CarbonCure's research and developments align well with this years conference which is focused largely on pilot and full scale applications for accelerated carbonation with specific attention to the improvement of product properties and the capture of CO2 and its storage.

The keynote lectures will be given by Carlos Rodriguez-Navarro from the University of Granada. Carlos will discuss the intricacies of calcium hydroxide carbonation, Mercedes Marato-Valer from Heriot-Watt University on the theme of feasibility and Sigurdur Gislason (University of Iceland) who coordinates the CarbFix project on mineral CO2 storage in basalt layers underground. CarbonCure is looking forward to the being apart of the discussion about how to move forward in the environmental engineering of products especially regarding the sequestration CO2, which is CarbonCure's main area of focus.

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