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Sean Monkman is presenting this coming Tuesday at the 12th North American Masonry Conference. The conference takes place every four years and runs next week from Sunday May 17th through to Wednesday May 20th and is hosted by the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Colorado Denver. The goal of the conference is to facilitate the exchange of scientific, engineering, architectural, construction, evaluation and repair information on masonry. The conference includes technical papers and sessions, panel discussions, and other methods of information exchange. This year there are a total of 158 papers accepted as part of the conference. A priority of the conference is to promote masonry in the local, regional and national markets.

Sean Monkman will be presenting his paper titled, "Conventional Concrete Blocks Manufactured Using Sequestered Carbon Dioxide". Monkman's presence at the conference speaks to the concrete's inherent search for environmental alternatives when it comes to producing masonry. 



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