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Today CarbonCure Technologies (CarbonCure) announced the newest member of its growing team, concrete industry veteran, Jack Holley. As the Vice President of Concrete Performance, Jack will be ensuring that CarbonCure’s concrete producer customers maximize the environmental, production and cost benefits of CarbonCure’s technology.


Jack is a technical executive bringing more than 40 years of experience in concrete technology, quality assurance, and new product development to the CarbonCure team. He previously served as the VP of Quality Assurance at Lafarge North America for more than a decade.

Jack will be working with CarbonCure’s growing family of concrete producer partners to maximize the benefit of the technology. Specifically, Jack will bring his expertise in concrete quality assurance and quality control, training and QA systems development, concrete mix design optimization, and material cost reductions in concrete design. Jack’s main goal in his new position is to assist CarbonCure’s concrete producer partners with plant-specific mix optimization.

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As an expert in the concrete industry, Jack believes the industry must evolve quickly to meet the changing demands of customers to provide competitive advantages in performance, costs and sustainability. “CarbonCure’s technology helps the concrete industry compete against other building materials, by making concrete greener while also reducing production costs - it's a winning combination,” says Jack from his home base in Florida.

CarbonCure’s technology is now being used by more than 50 concrete plants across Canada and the US. The technology offers concrete producers the opportunity to recycle waste carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve the strength and profitability of concrete. The CO2 is sourced from local industrial emitters and is injected into the concrete mix during production. A chemical reaction occurs once the CO2 is added to concrete, which makes the concrete stronger and enables concrete producers to optimize their mix.

Kevin Cail, CarbonCure’s Chief Technology Officer, is delighted to welcome Jack to the team, “CarbonCure is experiencing immense growth this year, and the addition of Jack Holley to the team will ensure that we remain focused on our customer’s needs as we continue to grow.”

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